The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass

Postby kode0001 on Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:24 pm

Well, now here's another novel I've read and was terrified to see what the movie industry would do to it. In the end, it's not that bad, a few things were changed, but it didn't really degrade the story that much. Some things were not included, but, what can you expect, its a <2 hr movie. I liked it, The character choice for Lyra was a bit disappointing but... she was alright in the end. The daemon transformations were a big plus.

So after all that I'd actually give it a 3.5/5

mmm, can't wait 'till the religious masses catch on to the ending of His Dark Materials... hehehe (again, they did once, but it wasn't a possible movie yet :))

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Postby -BZ- on Thu Jan 03, 2008 12:02 am

People think too much about movie origins or "what it means"... why can't a movie be just a movie anymore?...


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